About beautiful language — by human language

This is a book about Haskell, amazing, beautiful and powerful programming language. I wrote it specifically for those developers who don’t imagine what a functional programming is, but who wants to finally understand it.

Why is this book was written?

Because I’m fed up! Almost all the books about Haskell starts with quick sort algorithm and something about factorial. This book is quite different. I’ll talk about Haskell by human language, with minimum of academism and with clean examples. And I promise: examples will be clean not only for me… ;-)

What for?

Functional programming is a kind of ghetto in the big megapolis of the software development. Portion of functional languages on the market is very small. And who are Haskell-programmers in the eyes of mainstream’s programmers? Either an unattainable elite or an antisocial idiots. This book will destroy such a view.